Come join us at our premier conference where global brands & sustainability leaders unite to shape the future of commerce worldwide.

An opportunity for forward thinking brands

At SB’19 KL, brands can access the tools they need to evolve from traditional marketing to profiting from purpose by incorporating concepts of balance, simplicity and moderation which consumers want. These concepts supported by science, technology, storytelling and unlikely partnerships will meet the underlying demand for The Good Life and ultimately win in the market.

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Sustainability – arguably the biggest opportunity of the 21st century

Leading brands of the future will be the ones that endure and thrive by embedding sustainability principles into everything they do. Many global brands who are first movers, have demonstrated that brands can do well and do good at the same time.

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Measuring sustainability – Is there a common standard?

Are traditional and financial indicators enough? How can businesses translate social and environmental impact into corporate financial language?

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Products that are marketed as sustainable grew 5X faster than conventional products

Savvy consumers are changing what and how they buy. Today, sustainable goods represent a US1 trillion market opportunity. See how leading brands are connecting environmental and social impact with business and financial value.

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Plastics and waste – Problem or opportunity?

As consumption and production of plastics continue to rise, advances in systems and technologies are introducing new innovations and creating new opportunities for brands to transform plastics and waste from trash to resource.

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80% of global consumers would change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact.

According to research conducted by both Sustainable Brands and Harris Poll, consumers are shifting away from the pursuit of money, status and personal achievement, focusing instead on balance and simplicity, along with greater connection to family, community and the environment, as a foundation of a Good Life. The poll also pointed out that consumers are looking to brands to bring those elements into their daily lives. 80% of them say they will financially support Brands who help them live their Good Life.

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Sneak Peek of Brands

Meet SB’19KL’s world class speakers and panellists from U.S., Europe, Asia and Malaysia who are senior leaders and experienced practitioners from Fortune 500 brands, experts in the field of ocean health, plastics circularity, public policy, NGOs and innovative social enterprises.
Hear from these experts on how they are rethinking business models and redesigning product and service offerings in this changing World.
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