Find a way forward
in a changing landscape

For brands to remain competitive amidst a changing landscape, they must evolve with new generations of consumers. The Sustainable Brands community is already testing new frameworks, tools and partnerships to ensure purpose-driven brands outperform traditional ones in delivering tangible results.

SB’19KL showcases global brands that embody the spirit of balance and simplicity by redesigning product and service offerings toward new societal aspirations for the sustainable life.

Our theme this year – Future Forward – will focus on innovations in science, technology, leadership and brand transformations in the pursuit of Purpose. Come discover global sustainability metrics, benchmarks and processes to navigate and measure your journey towards more sustainable business practices.
Join the Plastics conversation and stay updated on issues, innovations and collaborations that are actively transforming plastics and waste from trash to resource. Access leadership insights and brand transformation best practice to fast track your sustainability focus.
Dive into a thoughtfully curated list of exemplary case studies, discover innovation frameworks and practical tools, and find new partners to deliver on your goals.